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Me, the CFO, and the water machine

For some reason, I generally have a paranoia around losing key essential services in my life - mostly food, running water, and electricity. I know I should not fear losing these things because I am fairly well off in terms of the world. I fear losing them anyways. I think it's just because when I lose those things, I feel poor. I don't feel poor having three plastic tables at home and having no couch, TV, or Netflix. I do feel poor when I lose running water (which happened twice in one week). This leads to some funny encounters.

The CFO of the company I currently work is a guy by the name of Laurence Zuriff. Laurence is pretty damn awesome in the sense that I never have a missed paycheck or worry about having a missed one, and judging from overhearing conversations I wouldn't want to be late on my payments if I owed him. He's good with money and he likes doing things right.

So it probably irked him to some degree when I was screaming that we couldn't afford to buy water. We had this water machine where a service came in with these office water jugs, and since the company was expanding we were using up the water at an accelerated pace.

  • Me: (having no water) There's no water in the water machine! We can't afford to buy water OH NO…
  • Laurence: (stops typing, slowly turns around) …Ying, we can afford to buy water. We've bought more water already, it's coming next week, we've doubled our shipments.
  • Me: (furiously shaking empty water bottle)

True to his word, more water came next week, and we didn't run out of water again.

Fast forward a few weeks, and we've moved into a new office, gotten rid of the water bottle machine, and added a filtration system to turn our bad-tasting (like actually bad tasting) water into good tap water. Then a rumor started that we were leasing our water machine.

  • Me: (to coworker) We're LEASING our water machine? Like we have to give it back sometime? OH NO…
  • Laurence: (coming over for water) …Guys we bought the machine. It's ours, we're not returning it.
  • Me: Oh thank God

I should start believing that we have money for things.