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I kinda wish I had more of these. Before, I used to think that vacations were a waste of time, and that I would be able to get ahead of my peers by working through vacations. After college, though, and realizing that I'm fairly stupid compared to some of the people I've met and knowing that work will likely be the next few decades of my life, vacations seem to be quite useful.

Today, I will finish up a six-day stay at home before heading back to D.C. at midnight. It was alright; I didn't really do much besides eat good food, read some books, do some work. I did get to see some friends over in Ann Arbor though, some of whom I haven't seen for three or five years. I should visit people more.

Maybe next break I get I'll try and do something. Scuba diving? Skydiving? Mountain hiking in South America? The clock is ticking.