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Book Review: "Be Happy: 170 ways to transform your day", by Patrick Lindsay

Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you.

Ralph Waldo Emerson. From “Be Happy” (MJF Books, 2014, Page 17) by Patrick Landsay

I was surprised that the Barnes and Noble bookstore hasn't closed down yet. Apparently they got an extension on their lease from this year to January of next year. Then they will be shutting down. I bought three more books a few weeks ago, and one of them was this little helper.

You know those books where you should know everything in it but you don't? That's kind of how I felt with “Code Complete”, and that's also kind of how I feel with this book. There's a number of soporific platitudes in here, but honestly most of the advice in there is pretty helpful. I just have to take it.

It was about $5-10 in Barnes and Noble; I think for that price this is probably worth it. I might tabulate some of the best quotes on my website somewhere.

So the Christmas holidays are coming up 🎄, and I'll be doing a lot of reading. I don't think I've done a big book since “Code Complete”, and it's partially because I need to work out a strategy for doing a book that is technically rich. I think I will just translate the knowledge in a web application of some sort.