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Workstation, with Pictures

I promised in a prior post that I'd have a picture (or two) to show you guys. Without further ado:


Obviously, this is way too clean to be my workstation. So here's an actual picture after everything has been set up:


Some notes:

  • I'm a messy person who is also cheap and requires a lot of instant gratification when finding things. Given how plastic tables are cheaper than file cabinets, that means I kept a lot of stuff on the three plastic tables I count as furniture in my apartment. I didn't want that clutter in my new workstation, so I intentionally bought the smallest standing desk I could (30’’ wide), and put the smallest plastic table I had next to it for my “messy” things. There's still a gigantic plastic table behind me that stores everything that can't fit onto these tables.

  • The plastic table is also really nice because not only do I have my power strip and desktop PC on it, I have that AmazonBasics laptop stand that I use for a separate computer or book. If I brought back my corporate laptop, or needed to do something on macOS using my old MacBook Pro, I can put it on this stand, and take the monitor display cables from the PC also on that desk and plug it into the laptop instead. This means my monitors are truly decoupled from my desktop PC, somethin that couldn't happen if I used a CPU holder mounted on the underside of my standing desk. Another example is how I have my AmazonBasics speakers with a speaker jack on my standing desk and my Amazon Echo Dot on the plastic table. In a pinch, I can connect the speakers from my desktop PC to my Echo Dot.

  • I have a lot of Amazon stuff.

  • Another benefit of this plastic table is everything is kept away from the floor, which makes it easier to clean my floor (something I have very little incentive to do in the first place). This is partially due to the help of my massive Belkin power strip; 12 outlets, a 10’’ cable, and power surge protection that serves as the central hub of my workstation. I could have gotten an uninterruptible power supply in a power strip format with the battery mounted in-place, but I don't run any mission-critical systems on my desktop PC and I doubt I will. All I need is to make sure my components aren't fried in the next lightning storm.

I'm really happy with my setup right now. Ideally it will remain this way for the next ten years, or longer.

A great big shout-out to Fully, where I got my Jarvis electric sit-stand desk from. The desk works great, it's easy to assemble, and it seems pretty high quality. The customer service and product support are fantastic; I returned a CPU holder I got when I realized that it would not fit underneath my standing desk.