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I got some new business cards

I finally got around to ordering some business cards, and today they finally arrived.

Business card

Last week, I went to a Y Combinator Q&A session at GiveCampus, an Indie Hackers meetup, and met somebody at the gym. I could have used business cards for all three of those occasions, but I didn't have any on me. All I had were the business cards from my previous company, and there's no way I'm walking around with those. Not just because I really didn't want to be associated with my former company anymore, but also because all the contact information was out of date and I'd have to go and change it. My new company hasn't offered engineers business cards, and in any event, I wanted to work on my own personal brand.

So I decided to go on Vistaprint and create my own business cards. I went for the cheapest card stock and finish, because all I really want to do is make sure people don't get my name or contact information wrong. Then I decided to include all my web-based contact information, but not my phone number, since it's easy enough to write down and I shouldn't be giving synchronous methods of communication willy-nilly.

I tried to think of something witty to say as my personal statement. I settled on “I Do Things, Sometimes”. I think this accurately captures what I do. It's not precise, but it is accurate.

Pricing for business cards is kind of messed up. For $7.99, you can get 100; for $8.99, you get 200, and for $9.99, you get 500. Economies of scale and all that. I don't give away that many business cards all that often, so this card stock is going to stick with me for a while. Hence the choice of personal statement; if I switch away from being a software engineer a few years down the line, my business cards are still relevant! And I think my domain will always be mine, barring any payment interruptions, and so will my LinkedIn.