Welcome Hugo!

Porting to Hugo is successful.

print "Hello World!"
    digraph g {
    node[shape="circle" , label="", width=0.2, height=0.2]
    l21[xlabel="a", width=0.1, height=0.1 , style=filled]
    l22[width=0.1, height=0.1, style=filled]

    l1 -> l21
    l1 -> l22
    l21 -> l31 [xlabel="r"]
    l21 -> l32
    l22 -> l33
    l22 -> l34

$ v_\pi(s) = \sum_{a \in \mathcal{A}} \pi(a|s) q_\pi(s,a) $

Some stuff still needs porting over, but it's functional. And much more sane than the prior routing schema. It's really slow, I don't get why the Posts route isn't highlighted, and the design is meh (and I didn't make it), but whatever. It's a good place to write and I think that's what I cared about in the first place.