Book Review: "Unfuck Yourself", by Gary John Bishop

"The truth is, you are winning at the life you have."

Been reading a lot of books with the F-word in the title. Probably going to be the last one in a while.

Unlike the prior two books though, this book unfortunately did not resonate with me very much, if at all. It seemed like a good deal of the self-help advice that is out there. I think the primary difference between this book and the prior two was how in tune Mark Manson was with our emotional sides, whereas Gary attempted to reason our way out of a bad situation (which did not work for me at all). I have found recently that when I find joy in life or in what I do, I find myself not only motivated in terms of what to do logically, but also being able to set healthy boundaries with stopping and starting what I'm doing. All of that is the Feeling Brain, and not the Thinking Brain.

I think it's good to know both what works and what doesn't work for me (and I give thanks to both Mark and Gary for helping me work that out), and that gives me a better idea going forward for what I should do to improve myself. Being at peace, internalizing acceptance, and finding joy in little things are probably more important to me and my ability to execute than learning yet another framework.