Year in Review: Sleep

So last year I did a (IMHO) comprehensive review of many metrics I had been tracking over the course of the entire year. I wanted to do the same thing this year for tracking my sleep patterns.

I'm not doing the same for fitness or finances. One, because I don't think the reports really affected my behavior for this year in terms of optimizing for certain metrics, and two, because you always optimize for the things you track, and I think I should be less anal about spending money on things I truly enjoy and about being super fit.

I think sleep is a great thing to track though. A good start and a good end to the day go a long way, and it's great to represent at a fine granularity as well.

So using the same technique as before (punching all of the metrics into one large spreadsheet, creating a chart, and then taking a picture), let's see how I did.

(Please open image in new tab to see in full)


Here's the machine-readable data dump of my sleep log, here.

I'm just eyeballing this, but it appears to me that there's much greater variation in terms of the time I wake up and get up every day. I don't think that's a good thing, even as the times have generally moved up, because it's detrimental to building quality habits. So I think this is something I need to pay attention to during the first half of next year.