Morning Pages: May 7th, 2020

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the D.C. metro region has been in a state of lockdown. To alleviate fear and stress, my writer's group has put together a daily "morning pages" get-together on Zoom in order to touch base before starting the day. Here's some of my brief thoughts.

This little kitty is so brave. I wish I was as brave as this little kitty.

I definitely have a penchant for videos now. I prefer videos to photos.

I think there's a key difference between make-work and work-work. I have a bunch of different things going on at any one time, but how many of them actually help me focus towards the things that matter? There's my personal blog here, my professional techblog, my hourly journal, my habit tracker, my daily updates on various sites, and yet I still feel like I'm working too slowly towards what actually matters. There's probably only three things at most that matter to me at any one time, and I think my inability to focus on those and instead focus on bogus productivity metrics might contribute to me straying. It's just something to think about, I think a lot of these things just grew organically, and I'm doing better than just sitting at home watching TV or whatever. I'll need to be careful if I want to kick away a support and expect to not fall into a stupor of some sort.

I've definitely been dreaming a lot more, and while I'm not sure how much to post here (given how I should probably add static site authentication to both this site and my hourly journal), it generally revolves around the theme of failure, and recognition, and people I used to know. It's worrisome that subconsciously I don't think too much of myself, and it's an interesting challenge to change the subconscious.