Evening Pages: November 2nd, 2020

I went on the longest walk I've been on this year tonight. Went from my apartment over in Ballston, to Georgetown and the waterfront. Seeing the neighborhood boarded up again really sucks. About a third to a half of the stores are boarded up, and laborers are still working throughout the night. Guess they wanted to squeeze out as much revenue as they could by keeping the windows open until the end. You can kind of tell who still has money after this year, because it's the larger stores boarding themselves up while the smaller stores still have all their windows. I'm guessing they don't have enough money to board up anymore. About a fifth of the stores just aren't there anymore, they went under this year. I never knew. A lot of real estate going up for sale.

Have no idea what tomorrow is going to look like. I wonder if the water and electricity will be cut. Maybe I should go buy another tall kitchen bin and some iodine tablets. My GI tract would probably be unused to it though.

Sigh. Hopefully nothing will happen. And it doesn't really do to worry anyways. I should probably just continue to focus on what I can control. If something does happen though, it was nice to see the entire city lit up from the Key bridge. One last time.