Morning Pages: November 2nd, 2020

My life right now.

Ahhhhhh puppies sleeping together!

So adorable! Wish everybody could be like this. Reminds me of preschool naptime.

Hmm, trying to think about anything else to talk about besides the election or the upcoming civil war. My time management practices are pretty bad. I have the week off, but I think I should come into work today because I had promised I would finish this one thing, and I kind of didn't do anything on Saturday to fix that. Sunday I got a bit luckier, and was able to finish some amount of work, but otherwise I have this biological inability to do a whole lot during the weekends.

I would like to think this is a good thing, especially if I'm trying to settle into life and my own skin, but I still have an extremely difficult time relaxing in what should be my "days off". And it's difficult to accept because there's always going to be more work, there's always going to be unfinished tasks. I hope that I'm just wanting to finish this work now because I had badly underestimated how much time it would otherwise take, and it's a one-time deal that will be less and less frequent the more and more familiar I am with the systems I'm working with.

So, I have a week off. What am I going to do with this time?

  • I promised my friend that I'd learn ukelele. I think I need to stick to this promise because I had pushed my deadline to learn the songs we were going to play together twice already.

  • I also need to exercise each day. It would be great to do some seven-minute workouts at home, for starters. Should be very low-risk for injury, and push the boundaries that have been closing in after not doing a whole lot of exercising in the first place.

  • Read+work through "Hands on Scala" and problem statements.

  • Read through "The Serverless Stack" guide on building serverless applications on AWS. I think I discounted serverless heavily during my sabbatical because I wanted to learn stuff that would stick, and while I managed to do that to an extent, I think this stuff would give me the final push to creating production-grade apps I'm confident about.

  • Publish commitment to work on FlooFoo (or maybe sign up on a podcast from Bob or something) and hope to make enough progress on it where I can publish a post to "Ask HN" and get some initial traction. Then continue working on it during the weekends and evenings.

That should be plentyyyyyyy to distract me from the world, if I want to be distracted. Otherwise, I should work through House M.D. and see whether season 5 is as good as I've heard.