Morning Pages: November 3rd, 2020

My life right now.

Well, the day is here. It feels like the anti-Christmas, you know? Like you have a bunch of presents like clean water and fresh food and the ability to walk from one side of town to the other without getting shot, and now all these presents are taken by the anti-Santa who steals them from underneath the tree, shimmys back up the chimney, and takes them to the North Pole where he drops it into the icy bottom of the Arctic Ocean so that nobody can have them because anti-Santa is an evil git.

Sigh. It's still pretty hard getting people to vote, and to vote for democracy. Hearing people around me say the election just doesn't matter to them and whoever is in power nothing will change and that democracy isn't all that great and too much freedom is a bad thing kinda gets to you, especially after seeing the state of Georgetown yesterday. I mean...yeah I guess the past four years haven't been bad for me personally, I think I've grown a lot and so has my bank account. But I don't exist in a vacuum. There's so many other people whose jobs I couldn't do myself, carpenters, electricians, farmers, soldiers, garbage workers, etc. I directly depend on, and that's separate from things like regulators to keep food fresh and air clean, and yada yada yada. I think while it may have been true four years ago who gets elected doesn't matter all that much, it's not true now. It was also an asshole thing to say even then.

Again, there's no reason to just have a bundle of anxiety you don't know what to do with. Better to relieve it somehow, preferably in productive ways, hence writing and meditating and such.