Evening Pages: November 23rd, 2020

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, I've been locking myself down until I think it's safe to go out again. To alleviate fear and stress, my writer's group has put together a daily "morning pages" get-together on Zoom in order to touch base before starting the day. Here's some of my brief thoughts.

Hooman is mine.

The elections are certified! Cat's in the bag, bag's in the river. Hopefully I'll never have to even think about politics like this again. I know I just jinxed everybody. It's what I do.

I think Jon's idea of spending some money in order to feel a bit better about myself kinda works. Before, I think I would have been extremely afraid of even spending money. But this past weekend I bought a burger and some lo mein, and even though my arteries feel a bit clogged and I need to exercise, I feel like I can enjoy some small things again. This kind of reminds me when I got my plant back in college. I told the botanist I didn't see butterflies or something until pretty late in my life, and she kind of just paused and stared at me and asked whether I was deprived as a child. Gotta love botanists, they go straight to the point. Or the jugular. Maybe they're the same thing. Nice thing about being deprived is that even small things can bring a lot of joy. Since people easily get used to their environments, if you surround yourself with wealth and prosperity you start thinking you deserve it and it'll always be there. If you surround yourself with Poland and potatoes you start appreciating salt and pepper and other condiments.

I still need to get an electric bike. Have no idea what the ship date looks like on a default Carbo Model X, but it's a pretty nice-looking bike, and pretty cheap for the functionality it packs in too.