TV Show Review: "House M.D.", by David Shore

I think I'm getting the hang of what it means to watch TV. And by watch TV I mean purchase a DVD boxed set or watch the show online somehow.

Huh, has it been 8 months since I started watching House? That just seems crazy. Then again, 8 seasons of 45-minute episodes just is hard to crunch, and balancing that with work and watching in the evenings instead of watching on my time-off from contracting means each show is spread out over more days.

I think House is actually the first TV show where I decided to get a DVD boxed set because of how painful watching the show online was. Before I think I just watched shows using those free online streaming websites, but for House it was super annoying (like there were these popup ads that led you to these scam places or whatever, and you had to go into developer tools and delete them in order to see the video, and then sometimes the video wouldn't stream or would buffer because reasons). I got a $100 gift card from a failed job application to this one place because I did a take-home assignment, and I used it to buy the House DVD boxed set, which cost around $100 exactly. It's actually really really nice to have the DVD boxed set.

House is a pretty dark, Ayn Randian type of show where the protagonist is a huge jerk but everybody is nice to him and everything turns out the way he wants it somehow. He does fail here and there, but it's extremely rare. You can kind of see the progression of the character, especially as Hugh Laurie begins aging and turning from brown to gray hair and his hairline recedes. You can also see nearer the end, how House rapidly declines from his years of drug abuse and friend abuse. It's rather mesmerizing to watch.

I kind of wish there was a British version of this show, so it focused less on the drama part and more on the DDx part. I liked trolling med school friends with questions they might not have the answer to. On an unrelated note, I got some medical school textbooks I need to work through. It's Harrison's reference books, gottem before that large second spike in infections and before I knew whether we would have sane government again, and I need to work through that as soon as I finish reading through my Bible.