One Year From Now: April 2nd, 2022

From April 2nd, 2021, one year after the start of COVID and Morning Poppins:

I really do hope we have herd immunity around now. I really hope I get to see the new office. It'd be nice to be dating somebody or something like that. It'd also be cool to have the courage to own a pet and be responsible for another living thing. Maybe I'll have hiked a mountain or a hill by this time nearby (like Shenandoah, which I've always talked about but never gone to). Maybe I'll be doing comedy at Ali's comedy shows in-person! Maybe I'll build an app, but even if I don't I don't think I'll beat myself up over it. It'd be cool to clock over 1000 miles on my e-bike (haven't been riding it as much as I need to to keep the battery healthy). It'd be nice to get a promotion at work! Tech lead of the data engineering team or something like that.

Saying something to Ali a year from now!

Hey Ali! Woahhhh a whole two years since the pandemic started. Not that we should be remembering that anyways. There's new and exciting things about the world we have yet to explore. I'm not sure if you are dating somebody or married, but I've never been to a wedding and I promise to dress up and get you something nice on the registry. I really like your comedy shows, and I'm really glad I got to attend another one and expect to be at a comedy show (unlike that last time where I brought my backpack to a beer hall expecting to write quietly). While I'm at things that might possibly happen, I love how you purchased the deli downstairs from the salon from how successful the writer's salon has been, and now we get free sandwiches when we come here to write instead of having to pay $12. I'm just joking. But am I.

Once upon a time, there was a ball of lipids. And every day, it infected 3 people. Until one day, it became a pandemic. And because of that, people got stressed. And because of that, people ate more. And because of that, people got fat. And because of that, more lipids existed in the world. And because of that, some people made a vaccine. And because of that, the pandemic ended. And because of that, people started exercising. Until finally, the fat in the world stayed the same. And ever since then, we wear a mask.