TV Show Review: "The Good Place", by Mike Schur

I found this show by searching on Netflix. I've wanted to watch anything by Mike Schur for the first time again after watching "The Office" and "Parks and Recreation". While I haven't seen "Brooklyn Nine-Nine", I did find "The Good Place" on Netflix. After I watched through the whole thing, I think this is Mike Schur's masterpiece.

The show chronicles Eleanor, a rather selfish person, who must traverse the afterlife in order to get to "The Good Place". Along the way, she meets folks from the afterline, and other dead souls, in order to plan her escape.

The biggest thing about Schur's creations is that they're pretty consistent throughout their humor and execution, even though there's plenty of twists and turns in order to keep you sucked in. They're also great at showing the best sides of people; during Eleanor's journey, she does become a better person, and so do all that help and follow her. Schur is a stickler for happy endings, and "The Good Place" is no exception.

Highly recommend people to check it out, if you're interested in the ultimate in Schur's handiwork.