Morning Pages: June 17th, 2021

The coronavirus pandemic is pretty much over for me, but the Morning Poppins group is still going strong (I think). So here's some of my brief thoughts.

It's a puppy-making machine!

This ended up being a lot more wholesome than I had originally anticipated.

Damn. The last time I went to morning pages was two months ago.

Tomorrow's Juneteenth, and I think this is the first time I'll have work off. I think Congress recently passed a bill declaring this day to be a holiday, so this will be a holiday I can celebrate wherever I go pretty soon.

That raises the question of what to do with all of my holiday time. I think at home I still have a good amount of organizing and other stuff to do, but I'd like to make some trips and go visit people. The question is who; I haven't really kept in touch with folks from...well the entirety of my previous life so there's not a whole lot of people to visit. I did purchase plane tickets to go visit Jon in Texas for a week in middle of October, so that's pretty cool.

I would still like to visit Maine. And Vermont. And maybe a few of the national parks along the East Coast.