Morning Pages: July 9th, 2021

The coronavirus pandemic is pretty much over for me, but the Morning Poppins group is still going strong (I think). So here's some of my brief thoughts.

Look at me!!


Look at all these pictures of me too!!

Oh man oh man oh man. I almost passed out twice yesterday during personal training and I'm not quite sure why. I went over there, and we were doing these super-sets with hip hinge on one leg using this bar that attached like a second class lever, and for whatever reason I felt super dizzy and woozy and I had to lie down. I felt pretty humiliated, and not just because I'm passing out during personal training or because I spent however much in order to basically lie there catching my breath, but also because it's a stark reminder of how I haven't really been practicing my breathing exercises or doing my cardio the way I should be.

I really hope I can get my shit in order so that way this doesn't happen again, but I think it's a process. I did manage to sign up for a gym membership (and bought a folding kayak), so that's nice and all, but it's still a question mark in terms of how much I'll be utilizing these resources.