Morning Pages: July 21st, 2021

The coronavirus pandemic is pretty much over for me, but the Morning Poppins group is still going strong (I think). So here's some of my brief thoughts.

Heeheehee he looks so done!


Not sure if I want to be Mr. Brown Dog or Mr. Beige Puppy.

Oh man. Today is like my first day off long has it been? Not quite sure. I've kind of been afraid to take a day off because our team is so small, but last Friday I snapped at a coworker for recommending one thing over another and realized that I'm not me without a vacation.

I could definitely use one. This weekend was looooooong. So I didn't realize that Alexandria, VA was not just Old Town Alexandria but rather a fairly massive city, so my 7 mile commute turned out to be more like 17 miles. I was commuting to personal training, which focused on legs. That was on Saturday; then on Sunday, I went hiking up a mountain with a friend and her friend. So my legs are like dead and I need to recharge them somehow. I've been wanting to get a massage for the longest time ever, and maybe now is a good time to get one.

My personal laptop isn't working right now, and so I might need to re-install Ubuntu on my laptop and pull down everything. It's so friggin' annoying. And the battery in my iPhone is dying, so I might need to replace my iPhone battery. That, or I could wait until this winter and heading back to my parent's place, and then get a new iPhone since the one I have is fairly slow.

I think I also need to try some personal grooming. My shower drain keeps getting clogged with longer hair and it's really awful to keep pulling out of my drain filter. If I had shorter hair in certain places, then that wouldn't be much of an issue. But it's up to me to trim it. So. Yeah. Need to try doing that today.

I think today I'm feeling rather exhausted for whatever reason. It might be the buildup in fatigue, or it could be since today is a day off, my body is like it's okay, you can rest now and my entire skeleton groans and sags. Hopefully it's not like that.