Book Review: "Simply Hegel", by Robert L. Wicks

I don't know why I purchased this book. I've read about Hegel and about philosophy in the abstract before, but I recall that Hegel is the philosopher around happiness. So I decided to pick up a little Hegel and see whether I can understand him.

LOL nope. Even though the book itself is only around 120 something pages, I couldn't really understand the middle section. Even for a dumbed down tutorial, so you know Hegel isn't the easiest to read.

I think if there is something I'm taking away from Hegel via this book, it's the contrast towards Kantian philosophy, where Kant mentions the divide between self and reality and therefore apprises one cannot ever truly understand reality. Hegel takes a different tack, where reality is found in self, and therefore by understanding oneself, you can progress to higher orders of understanding reality.

Yeah...I think this is a re-read until proficient kind of book.