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Weekly Updates

I think I'm going to start jotting down weekly updates. My personal progress isn't where I want it to be, and maybe publishing every weekend on three to five things I did that week to make myself better would be helpful in keeping track of my progress throughout the year.

I'm thinking:

  • One reading-related (book reviews)

  • How many days I meditated (according to Calm)

  • How many days I exercised (according to Sworkit/agenda)

  • How productive I was (according to Timing)

  • (If applicable) one fitness-related

  • (If applicable) one coding-related

Out of all the motivational shticks I've seen, one has stuck with me:

$$ 1.01^{365} = 37.78 $$

$$ 0.99^{365} = 0.03 $$

I want that 1%.

Also, this is my one year anniversary on this blog. This was my first post. Damn.

(Correction on 2018/04/06): A prior version of this post had zeroes as results for the above equations. These have been corrected.